This is the translated text of the petition:

"Mayor of Amsterdam; we ask you to save Cultural Free-haven ADM urgently"


Many cultural free-havens have ceased to exist already. It would be a complete loss for the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and even the world if the contributions of The Cultural Free-haven ADM would disappear.

From festivals and events like De Parade in Amsterdam to Macau (Hongkong) and Shenzhen (China), from Oerol (Terschelling, NL) to Fusion (DE) and Burning Man (USA), in all of these ADM-rs are involved

There is no culture without sub-culture!


With often self fabricated evidence 'the owner', Chidda Real Estate LLC (The heirs of Bertus L├╝ske) has been taking the ADM to numerous court cases. Plans have ranged from cacao storage to housing of immigrants, all of which are not even possible under municipal zoning restrictions.

Now 'the owner' claims to have found a renter for a small part of the ADM, but this company called Koole Maritime LLC is NOT intending a shipyard (The only thing that is allowed on the ADM terrain, according to the perpetual clause, which was part of the buying contract). 

We will not allow the ADM to be evicted because of bogus plans!

Stop the speculation!!


Soon the city council will have to decide how to treat the cultural-, environmental- and financial value of the ADM. Only then a decision can be made whether the plans 'the owner' claims to have are possible and legitimate.

It's about time that the ADM is valued for what it really is; Cultural Heritage of Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Only then things are done right: for humans, wild life and even for the tax payer. But most of all for the sake of culture!

Viva ADM!!!