Who we are

The Cultural Free haven ADM is for almost 20 years an organic grown village, where we are living and working together.

We transformed during this period a disused, derelict shipyard into a thriving Living Experiment, by sharing the space, visions and creations.

Children are born and raised here. And some members of our community are no longer with us...

Our extended family consists of around 125 people from all ages, nationalities and walks of life.

On the ADM terrain you'll find free range children and pensioners, theater makers and stage builders, inventors and technicians, dancers and musicians, actors and directors, crafts-men and women, sailors and buccaneers, poets and painters.

But most important of all; we're sorcerers, life' lovers, ‘different thinkers’ and chaos magicians.

Experiment, exchange and spontaneity have ensured that the ADM has acquired a place in Amsterdam’s cultural climate.



The ADM is, like many other (historic squat) communities, a fertile germination place for the local and (inter)national cultural climate. Communities like ours (at the fringes of the city) play a leading role in what is now called the Creative Industry.


What we're creating together, but especially what we ARE together, is often a source of inspiration for others.



Created from pretty much nothing, by our own means and with no single cent of subsidy, the ADM is now a blooming, creative and sustainable community that contributes culturally to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and far beyond.



We produce our own festivals (Robodock is most famous), concerts, workshops and more. We also (co-)organize festivals and benefits with / for organizations linked at the ADM.

Our productions and produce (from big theater productions and likewise decor constructions, to environmentally friendly caught fish or lovely fresh bio bread,  to intimate concerts, dance performance or robotic puppet shows) are going all over Europe up to China, Brasil and the USA. And closer to home: there is no 'Parade', no 'Rollende Keukens', or no 'Oerol', without ADM'rs contributing.


Check our online archive, with background information on our festivals, (major) events, benefits and workshops. In it are newspaper-, magazine and online articles, video-clips, documentaries and TV show appearances. There also accounts of all the attacks and legal battles we had to face.



Since 2015 the ADM is (once again) seriously under threat of eviction. So far we went to court almost 20 times. You can read all about it here


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Stay updated and check regularly the 'News'-section on this website!


And remember:

The ADM is not only under threat of eviction, it's our culture that's under threat of extinction!!!



Video made by Lisa Keome